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Prima Scriptura


Prima Scriptura
N. Clayton Croy, Associate Professor of New Testament
Baker Publishing Group, May 2011

In Prima Scriptura Dr. Croy provides an engaging introduction to New Testament exegesis. He provides an accessible, holistic overview of the entire interpretive process, and argues that while Scripture occupies a place of primary importance in guiding faith and life, it does not do so in a vacuum. It operates in conjunction with 2,000 years of Christian tradition, Spirit-guided human reason, and experience. Scripture's authority is therefore primary but not exclusive. Dr. Croy begins with the preparation of the interpreter, proceeds to analysis of the text, and concludes with appropriation of the message of Scripture in the context of modern faith communities. He combines a step-by-step plan for historical exegesis with substantive discussion of broader hermeneutical issues.
Prima Scriptura interacts with recent scholarship and is academically rigorous, but is written in an engaging style, incorporating anecdotes, humor, scriptural illustrations, and examples of the practical payoff of disciplined interpretation. Each chapter includes discussion questions and suggestions for further reading. Professors and students in exegesis and hermeneutics courses will value this work.
Dr. Croy’s previous books include a commentary on 3 Maccabees, The Mutilation of Mark's Gospel, and A Primer of Biblical Greek. He also contributed to the Dictionary of New Testament Backgrounds.