Statement of Educational Effectiveness

Trinity Lutheran Seminary, a seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, offers the following degrees as part of its mission to form leaders for Christ’s church at work in the world:  

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
Master of Arts in Church Music (MACM)
Master of Arts in Christian Education  (MACE)
Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry (MAYFM)
Master of Theological Studies (MTS)
Master of Sacred Theology (STM)
Doctor of Ministry Degree (D.Min. - in partnership with the Methodist Theological School in Ohio)

Year by year as a key marker of its educational effectiveness the seminary tracks how many of its graduates, within a year of graduation, are in vocational placements (positions for which their degree programs prepared them) or are pursuing further theological study. Some students desire a degree for personal enrichment rather than vocational preparation; such students who are in placements after graduation that reflect their vocational choices are also tracked.

As of May 2013 Trinity graduates from the class of 2012 were situated as follows:

M.Div. – 12 of the 14 graduates were in vocational placements and two were seeking vocational placement. Effectiveness rate: 86%

MACE – There were no graduates from the Master of Arts in Christian Education program in 2012.

MACM – Two of the three graduates were in vocational placements directly related to music ministry. Vocational placement for the third graduate was indirectly related to degree program preparation.  Effectiveness rate: 67% - 100%

MAYFM – All four of the Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry graduates were in vocational placements.  A fifth graduate, who earned a dual degree Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry/ Master of Theological Studies, was in vocational placement.  Effectiveness rate: 100%

MTS – Three of 11 graduates were in vocational placements, five were engaged in further study, and one was seeking vocational placement. Two students earning the degree for personal enrichment remained in their vocational choices. Effectiveness rate: 91%

STM – There were no graduates from the Master of Sacred Theology program in 2012.

D.Min. – A relatively new degree, with the first students entering the program in 2009, there were not yet any graduates from the Doctor of Ministry program in 2012.
Altogether, of the 33 Trinity graduates in the class of 2012, 29-30 were pursuing their vocations through meaningful employment or further study in fields for which their degrees prepared them.
Overall effectiveness rate: 88% - 91%