Theological Portfolio

In addition to the “Learning/Serving Covenant” the TLS Contextual Education Committee requires the assembly of a “Theological Reflection Portfolio” during the internship year.  Following are the Committee’s minutes pertaining to that decision.

“To further encourage theological reflection during the year of internship, the student will be expected to assemble a portfolio of six case studies/ministry incidents with accompanying theological reflection done in the intern’s supervisory conferences (see the internship manual regarding case studies and theological reflection).  Each report will be one page with the ministry incident and one to two pages with subsequent theological reflections. Two should be submitted to the seminary’s contextual education office with each Obserflections article. The ministry incident/theological reflection portfolio will assist not only in evaluating the student’s progress during internship but also in providing material for senior-level classes where the internship is further processed.  The portfolio material will also be shared with the student’s faculty advisor thereby giving the faculty person a perspective on the student’s ministry and theological growth as well as further informing the faculty person about current issues in a congregational setting.”

This expectation of assembling a portfolio will be easily accomplished in that supervisory sessions are to include case studies with theological reflection.  Sample Ministry Incident Reports are found on the following pages)  As mentioned in the Committee’s decision two case studies/ministry incidents with accompanying theological reflection will be due at the same time Obserflections articles are sent to the contextual education office.  The due dates are October 31, January 31 and April 30.