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Office of Admissions

Leaders for Christ's church at work in the world

Happy New Year from the Admissions Office!  

As we enter into this new year, we are reminded of Trinity's renewed sense of vision, a vision that stands upon five main pillars of excellence: formation, enrollment, ecumenism, impact in the world, and viability. Directed by this vision, we charge full steam into the mission of forming leaders for Christ's church at work in the world.

Trinity does not exist to serve itself or to be an "educational hub." Rather, Trinity exists to form and equip leaders who, inspired by Christ, will impact this world. We are already experiencing changes that will move us toward excellence. The curriculums of the various degree programs have been updated; academic requirements are under review; and contextual educations offerings have been expanded. Trinity is making a difference in the way it trains and forms leaders who serve God, the church, and the world.

Pastor Teddy Ceasar
Recruiter for Vocation
Trinity Lutheran Seminary

  • Trinity provides me the opportunity to study so many different facets of music and worship -- from liturgy and the organ, to music in the African American tradition; we get a chance to look at it all. I am also encouraged to delve deeper into the ways that music strengthens the worship experience of today's churches.

    Jeremy Roberts Master Arts in Church Music (M.A.C.M.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Admissions Staff

Laura Book

Director of Admissions

Teddy Ceasar

Recruiter for Vocation

Sara Bates

Admissions Office Manager

book 100In Laura Book’s office rests a beautiful walking stick. The walking stick represents the journey she has travelled through seminary, and now she continues to walk with others on their discernment paths through ministry, service, and seminary. Her journey began at St. Olaf College where she graduated with a degree in sociology. She attended Trinity Lutheran Seminary and earned her Master of Theological Studies in 2007. Laura is rostered in the ELCA as an Associate in Ministry and has worked with both high school students and young adults through Trinity’s Summer Seminary Sampler program.

ceasar 100Pastor Teddy Ceasar is a native of Columbus, Ohio, and a 2009 graduate of Trinity. He has a passion for the development of church leaders and returned to Trinity after serving for three years on the pastoral staff at the First Church of God on Refugee Road in Columbus. Teddy earned his undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Cincinnati. He combines his passion for youth and sports by coaching high school football in the Columbus Public Schools district. He also scores touchdowns for Trinity’s flag football team.

bates 100Sara serves as the Admissions Office Manager, helping students through the application process. A native of Northwest Ohio, Sara attended Bowling Green State University, where she studied Secondary Education. Sara enjoys the outdoors and crafting, and loves working with students as they walk through their discernment journeys. A passion for music has led her to the Trinity Liturgical Choir.
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