Rick Barger Presidential Installation

"A Ripe Time for Leadership"

Trinity Lutheran Seminary held the installation of its fourth president, the Rev. Dr. Rick Barger, on Sunday, October 27, and Monday, October 28. Barger began his term on September 1.

Sunday, October 27 (Reformation Sunday)

Installation festivities began with a worship service and the Installation of President Barger in a standing-room only Gloria Dei Chapel. Presiding Bishop-elect Elizabeth Eaton preached, and Bishop Suzanne Dillahunt of the Southern Ohio Synod presided.

For video of the entire Installation service, click Barger Installation Video

President Rick Barger Installation

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Monday, October 28

"A Ripe Time For Leadership"

Trinity Lutheran Seminary forms leaders for Christ’s church at work in the world. Trinity and its predecessor seminaries have carried out this mission since 1830. As the seminary enters a new era under the leadership of President Rick Barger, representatives of the Trinity and Bexley Seabury faculty, alumni, special guests, and students offered their expertise and perspectives on what it means to be in - and prepare for - leadership in the church and world today.

Program Schedule

Session 1

1. WORKSHOP: Twenty-first Century Challenges Facing Musical Leadership in the Church
PRESENTERS: David White, student in Trinity’s M.A. in Church Music Program, high school teacher, and Music Director at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Lakeside Park, Kentucky; the Rev. Vicki Garber, pastor at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Lakeside Park, Kentucky, and a member of Trinity’s Board of Directors; and Glenn Hecox, Minister for Worship at Abiding Hope Lutheran Church, Littleton, CO.
MODERATOR: Professor May L. Schwarz

Trinity is the only seminary of the eight ELCA seminaries with a program in church music. This places Trinity in a unique position to investigate the role of the church musician in providing congregational leadership in a changing and evolving environment.

Trinity student David White and Pastor Vicki Garber work together at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Lakeside Park, Kentucky. In addition to David’s insights as a musician and high school music teacher, David and Vicki together explored the perennial issue of how musician and pastor work together. Glenn Hecox explored new and re-newed musical resources for the twenty-first century.

For a video of this presentation, click here (connection may take several seconds.)

2. WORKSHOP: Current Ecumenical Realities for Leadership
PRESENTERS: Professor Thomas Ferguson, Dean at Bexley Hall, and Professor Sarah Heaner Lancaster, Professor in the Werner Chair of Theology at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio
RESPONDENT: Professor Cheryl M. Peterson, Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Lutheran Seminary

Professors Ferguson (Episcopal Church in the United States of America) and Lancaster (United Methodist Church) were uniquely positioned to help participants learn about progress being made in Episcopal-Methodist discussions and the implications for leadership of those discussions and other ecumenical changes already taken or in process. Professor Peterson responded from the perspective of an ELCA pastor.

For a video of this presentation, click here (connection may take several seconds.)

3. WORKSHOP: Leadership in the Church Today
PRESENTERS: M.Div. seniors who had just completed internship, Libby Buuck, Terry Courter, and Jay Shailer.
RESPONDENT: President Rick Barger, Trinity’s newly installed president and former internship supervisor.
MODERATOR: Professor Henry J. Langknecht, Haman-Pfahler Professor of Christian Communications, Professor of Homiletics and Christian Communications, and Acting Director of Contextual Education at Trinity Lutheran Seminary

Three returning interns discussed life and leadership in the church as they experienced both on internship. What, from their perspective, is going on in the church today; how their seminary education prepared them for their experiences; what one or two major questions about leadership did they encounter on internship? President Barger reflected on their presentations in light of his ministry.

For a video of this presentation, click here (connection may take several seconds.)

Session 2

1. WORKSHOP: Theological Education for Leadership
PRESENTERS: Dr. Jonathan Strandjord, Director for Theological Education, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; President Roger A. Ferlo, Bexley Seabury Seminary; President Jay Rundell, Methodist Theological School in Ohio
MODERATOR: Professor Brad A. Binau, Academic Dean and Professor of Pastoral Theology, Trinity Lutheran Seminary

The presenters addressed the following themes:
Dr. Strandjord: “Theological education for leadership from 30,000 feet,” i.e., the broad picture of theological education in North America.
President Ferlo: Where is theological education for leadership going in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America?
President Rundell: Where is theological education for leadership going in the United Methodist Church?

For a video of this presentation, click here (connection may take several seconds).

2. WORKSHOP: Leaders Who Have Come Out of Trinity Lutheran Seminary
PRESENTER: Professor Donald L. Huber, Fred W. Meuser Professor Emeritus of Church History, Trinity Lutheran Seminary

Professor Huber highlighted alumni/ae who were or are well-known leaders, as well as others who are not so well-known but who have made significant contributions.

For a video of this presentation, click here and then click on "Leaders Who Have Emerged from Trinity" on the left-hand menu (connection may take several seconds.)

Gloria Dei Worship Center

President Rick Barger
For a video of the address, click here.