Trinity Days 2012 Highlights

booth_lecture.jpgAlumni and friends gathered September 26-28 for the annual Trinity Days lectures, Alumni Dinner, and flag football game between alumni and students. Approximately 200 alumni, students, faculty, and guests gathered for the annual fall worship, lecture, and celebration.
Guests attended a thought-provoking lecture by the Rev. Dr. Charles Booth, senior pastor at Columbus’s Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, and a panel discussion moderated by the Rev. Dr. Kevin Dudley, affiliated professor of African-American Studies at Trinity, and featuring the Rev. Dr. James M. Childs Jr., senior research professor; the Rev. Dr. Albert Starr, director of African Descent Ministries for the ELCA; and Pastor Deb Stokes of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. The lectures’ theme and the conversation it generated revolved around issues of racism.

During worship on Thursday morning, four alumni were honored with Distinguished Alumni in Christian Service awards. Those honored include Bishop John Schleicher (’69) of the North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the ELCA; the Rev. Dr. Robin Steinke (’94), dean of the seminary and professor of theological ethics at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg; the Rev. Chrysanne Timm (’85), senior pastor at Olivet Lutheran Church in Sylvania, Ohio; and the Rev. Ken Wheeler (’82), recently retired senior pastor at Cross Lutheran Church in Milwaukee and formerly the assistant to the bishop of the Greater Milwaukee Synod.

On Friday, alumni and students took to the gridiron (grassy field across the street on the campus of Capital University), for the much anticipated flag football match-up. This exciting nail biter ended with the triumphant alumni, in gray attire, beating the students, in red, 16 to 14. The spirit of camaraderie prevailed and both students and alumni gathered in Trinity’s Christ the Teacher Courtyard for a cookout following the game.

Stayed tuned for details about Trinity Days 2013, when the seminary will welcome Darrell L. Guder, the Henry Winters Luce Professor of Missional and Ecumenical Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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Trinity Days 2012

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Alumni Flag Football Game and BBQ

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