Institutional Code of Conduct for Educational Loans

This policy establishes a code of conduct that reflects our commitment to conduct financial aid practices with integrity, free from conflicts or perceived conflicts of interest, in the interest of students and in compliance with applicable law.

Staff in dealing with lenders providing financial aid to students must comply with the following Code of Conduct provisions:
  • Staff may not accept gifts worth more than $10 from lenders or servicers.  However staff members may participate in meals or refreshments in conjunction with meetings or training sessions as long as the events are open to all attendees or included with the registration.  Staff may also accept items of value from a lender or guarantor that are also offered to the general public.
  • Staff may not accept any compensation from any lender or affiliate to any lender for any reason.
  • Staff may not establish any revenue sharing arrangement with any lender.
  • Staff may not request or accept private education loan funds in exchange for a guarantee of volume or number of loans.
  • Staff may not accept anything of value, except for reasonable expense reimbursement for service on an advisory board, commission, or committee established by any lender or guarantor.

As a Direct Lending school Trinity will process all federal loans through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program.

Trinity will not assign a private lender for any student or refuse to certify a private loan based on lender choice.

Trinity may request and accept free assistance for financial literacy, debt management, default prevention, loan counseling, etc. from a lender or guarantor. The materials all disclose the identity of the organization that assisted materials and will not be used to promote that organization’s loan or other products.