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Ministry in the church is a complex and involved calling. So is the whole question of who should be a public leader within the church, what the standards should be, how future leaders are to be educated, what they are to do, and what the expectations of them as persons are.

--From "Timothy 3:1-7: The Public Side of Ministry"
Trinity Seminary Review, Spring 1992


B.A., Midland Lutheran College, 1969; M.Div., Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, 1973; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, 1981; Pastorate: Lincoln, NE, 1978-81; Greek Instructor, Southern California School of Theology at Claremont, 1973-76; Assistant Professor of New Testament, Trinity, 1981-84; Associate Professor of New Testament, Trinity, 1984-91; Visiting Professor, Universität Heidelberg, 1988-89; Professor of New Testament, Trinity, 1991-95; Ernest W. and Edith S. Ogram Professor of New Testament Studies, 1996-; Director of Graduate Studies, 2002-; Visiting Professor, Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, Egypt, 2009.


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