Professor of Christian  Education; Associate Academic Dean

Ministry Division

hymans diane
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B.Mus.Ed., Hope College, 1970; Western Theological Seminary, 1972-74; M.A., Ed.D., Presbyterian School of Christian Education, 1977, 1992; Mission Intern: Brooklyn, NY, 1971-72; Director of Christian Education: Grand Rapids, MI, 1972-75; Lexington, NC, 1977-80; Mobile, AL, 1981-85; Richmond, VA, 1990-93; Visiting Professor, Presbyterian School of Christian Education, Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, 1992-93; Assistant Professor of Christian Education, Trinity, 1993-99; Director, Center for Education Ministry in the Parish, Trinity, 1993-09; Faculty Secretary, Trinity, 1995-2001; Associate Professor of Christian Education, Trinity, 1999-2006; Associate Academic Dean, 2002- ; Acting Academic Dean, 2002-03; 2004-05; Professor of Christian Education, Trinity, 2006-; Director of Assessment, Trinity, 2009-;Director of M.A.Y.F.M./M.A.C.E. Programs, Trinity, 2011-.


  • "Exploring Opportunities for Adult Education." Lifelong Learning: A Guide to Adult Education in the Church, ed. Rebecca Grothe, Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1997. Co-author.
  • "Let's Play: The Contribution of the Pretend Play of Young Children to Education in a Pluralistic Context." Religious Education, 19:3 (Summer 1996).
  • "What is Curriculum?" Parish Teacher (March 1996).
  • "Where Does Sunday School Fit?" Parish Teacher (December 1994).