Faculty Areas of Expertise


Brad Binau, Pastoral Theology and Dean

  • Shame and its implications for ministry
  • The missional church and particularly the changing face of pastoral theology and practice in the missional church
  • Increasingly, the changing face of theological education in North America

Diane Hymans, Christian Education

  • Children as interpreters of the Bible
  • The question: What is the educational ministry of the church and why is it needed now?
  • Ministry with emergent adults

John Karanja, Church History

  • The translatability of the gospel into world cultures
  • St Augustine
  • Pentecostalism

Paul Numrich, World Religions and Interreligious Relations

  • World religions (especially Islam and Buddhism)
  • Interreligious relations (the full range from negative to positive)
  • American religious diversity (including immigrant groups and new religious movements)

Emlyn Ott, Professor of Ministry and Pastoral Leadership

  • Leadership development
  • Healthy congregations
  • Family systems theories

Cheryl Peterson, Systematic Theology

  • The doctrine of the church
  • The doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • Lutheran identity

Mark Allan Powell, New Testament

  • Literary-critical methods for studying the Bible
  • Historical Jesus studies
  • The Gospel of Matthew

Joy Schroeder, Church History

  • History of biblical interpretation from Early Church through Reformation period
  • History of women in the church
  • History of women as biblical interpreters

May Schwarz, Church Music

  • Psalmody
  • Taize
  • Hymn Festivals

Wally Taylor, New Testament

  • The Apostle Paul, especially Romans
  • Use of cultural anthropology to study the New Testament, especially fictive family
  • The book of Revelation