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  • On September 23, 2015, Trinity’s new Alumni Council met on Trinity’s campus. The council made one formal decision in support of an effort to increase the number of TLS alums who are part of the Alumni Association. Beginning immediately, individual alums are invited to become lifelong members of the Alumni Association through a one-time contribution of $1,000. Rostered couples (Ordained; A.I.M.; Diaconal Minister; Deaconess) can become lifelong members through a one-time payment of $1,500. As you may know, annual alumni dues support the work of the Alumni Council. This is especially important as we move forward with gatherings of TLS alums in the eight national hubs that have been established.

    • The Alumni Council also established three goals for the coming year:
      • Each member of the Alumni Council made a commitment to pray for the newly focused work with TLS alumni, in the hope that will strengthen the ties that TLS alumni have to the seminary.
      • Each member of the Alumni Council made a commitment to make connections with alumni in her or his hub through email as soon as possible. The goals of these contacts will be to update alumni contact information, provide an update on Trinity’s mission and how alumni can support it and, eventually, invite alumni to events in the respective hubs. 
      • Each member of the Alumni Council made a commitment to organize an alumni event in his or her hub within a year. These events will be coordinated by a staff member in the alumni affairs office of TLS. For now, that will be Vice President for Advancement Brad Gee.

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