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Imagine the Possibilities...

For the Sake of the World

Trinity Lutheran Seminary forms leaders for Christ’s church at work in the world. Guided by this mission, and compelled by the crucified and risen Christ, we are committed to a vision that sets us apart as a premier seminary in the formation of authentic servant-leaders who are healthy, vibrant, maturing, transformative, resilient, and evangelical.

Imagine a process of theological formation that equips graduates in all of Trinity’s seven degree programs that equips graduates to change the church and the world.

Imagine Trinity interns serving two-year internships in urban, suburban, and rural settings as a result of grants that allow all congregations the opportunity to become internship sites.

Imagine Trinity’s campus teeming with activity as individuals from throughout the region engage in evening, weekend, and summer courses toward the completion of a two-year master’s degree, a certificate program, or a particular course of interest.

Imagine members of Trinity’s faculty teaching courses in Spanish.

Imagine 20 students receiving half-tuition scholarships beginning in 2017-18, and all students receiving full-tuition scholarships by 2024-25.

Imagine Trinity graduates leading congregations and other ministry settings with a deep understanding of the dramatic shifts in the church and the American culture.

Imaginean appeal that provides the resources to fulfill our vision of a world and church transformed and made new through servant-leaders who are grasped by hope that is grounded in the empty tomb of Easter and lived out in communities filled with the spirit of the resurrection.
Your gifts will provide needed support for:

  • The recalibration of degree programs, with specific attention to Synodically Authorized Ministers (SAM) and Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (TEEM) candidates, certificate programs, and a newly-configured Master of Theological Studies degree with concentrations in youth, ethics, and leadership.
  • Development of online and extension courses
  • Half-tuition scholarships for students
  • Spanish for Ministry faculty development
  • Vice President for Leadership Formation
  • Columbus Area Admissions Recruiter
  • Director of Contextual Education
  • Congregational internship grants
  • Lifelong Learning Initiative
  • Initiatives that inspire conversation between the Team of 50 and other investors
  • Completion of the Team of 50 and a move toward a Team of 100

Appeal Goal: $12.9 million

Financial Goals

For the Sake of the World seeks a total of $10.4 million from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2020.  This is an increase of $6.5 million to the annual needs of the seminary.

For the Sake of the World will also add $2.5 million to the seminary endowment.  Trinity seeks to endow the Director of Contextual Education for $1 million.  An additional $1.5 million will be added in scholarship endowments for the benefit of students at Trinity.

In order to raise $10.4 million in cash gifts and $2.5 million in planned gifts over the next five years, the following gifts will be needed:

# of GiftsSize of GiftCumulative Total
1 gift of $1 million $1,000,000
2 gifts of $500,000 $2,000,000
2 gifts of $250,000 $2,500,000
4 gifts of $125,000 $3,000,000
6 gifts of $100,000 $3,600,000
8 gifts of $75,000 $4,200,000
10 gifts of $50,000 $4,700,000
20 gifts of $30,000 $5,300,000
40 gifts of $20,000 $6,100,000
50 gifts of $15,000 $6,850,000
100 gifts of $10,000 $7,850,000
250 gifts of $5,000 $9,100,000
300 gifts of $2,500 $9,850,000
450 gifts of $1,000 $12.9 million