Music: Part of Trinity's Identity

choir_with_alumsDaily Worship

As leader, music leader, or congregant, students come together to worship God through a variety of services and musical styles. From the quiet of the candlelit prayer services in Schenk Chapel with music in the style of Taize, to the organ, choir, and timpani of the Gloria Dei Worship Center, we grow musically, spiritually and vocationally. Some of the services include ELW Morning Prayer, Haugen Morning Prayer, Wednesday Eucharist, and other prayer services.

Singing Our Faith

Singers express their faith as they sing! Trinity provides students unique opportunities for nurturing, developing, and expressing faith through song.

Seminary Choir

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This choir sings larger choral works and leads Choral Evensong. Students, staff, spouses, and faculty members are joined by singers from the greater community as they rehearse and ultimately present works such as Mozart's Requiem within the context of ELW Evening Prayer. These are presented as gift to the greater community.

Monday evening choir provides a study break, the opportunity to sing choral masterpieces, and to grow spiritually and musically through this experience. We pray together, and share together what it means to sing in the choir. Singing together each week, and sharing our stories -- strengthens our faith and helps us grow in our relationship with God and with each other. Music connects us to each other and to God in a special way. To value God’s special gift of music with others, to sing together, to articulate our faith through music as a community is uplifting and inspiring. Students highly recommend this 75 minutes as a study break.



Liturgical Choir

The “Chapel Choir” meets over the lunch hour on Tuesday and Thursday and sings each Wednesday as we celebrate Eucharist with many different musical settings. 

Leading worship as a choir member provides the opportunity to practice new liturgies, learn new hymns, canticles, and anthems, and experience first hand how director, accompanist, singers, ringers, worship leaders and planners collaborate. To be an integral part of enriching the faith life of the community on a weekly basis provides a foretaste of the regular spiritual discipline needed in the parish.

Participation in Liturgical Choir also gives Master of Divinity students the opportunity to practice a variety of liturgies and become familiar with the work of the church musician, choir, and accompanist. In addition, they gain a fuller appreciation of diverse styles, accompaniments, and instrumentation.


Another spiritual discipline may include playing an instrument. Prayer life can be nurtured in many ways. Playing a musical instrument provides a unique opportunity to be renewed, refreshed and enriched. It is therapeutic and healing not only for the one playing, but also for those worshiping and listening. There are as many opportunities as there are instruments and musicians.