luther-bowl-win-2013The 43rd annual “Luther Bowl,” an eight-team flag football tournament held on the Gettysburg battlefields next to Lutheran Theological Seminary, took place November 2. Trinity Lutheran Seminary won the coveted Book of Concord, beating divisional opponents Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (40-12), Union Presbyterian (22-20), and Virginia Theological Seminary (32-14), before coming from an early 14-point deficit to beat Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in the championship game.

Of the eight seminaries fielding teams, Trinity had the smallest roster, but it proved the scrappiest, fighting hard for every win. “The offense was efficient and adept at exploiting the opposing defenses’ weaknesses by utilizing its many offensive weapons,” said TLS senior Ethan Beiler. “On defense, Trinity's line was quick and physical. It bottled up mobile quarterbacks and stopped the run. Opposing offenses were forced to throw against a well-disciplined secondary that accumulated fourteen interceptions on the day.”

TLS Middler Scott Nellis thought that the day fit the occasion. "Luther Bowl was as beautiful and exciting a day as any I've had since starting seminary. Gettysburg is rich with history and is so picturesque in the fall, and the trip alone was worth it for those things. Then to play on Trinity's flag-football team and win the tournament was a high point I won't soon forget. As a team, our championship helped us bond in a special way. It was a great, great time."

Photo: TLS Senior Ethan Beiler hoists the coveted Book of Concord trophy. Photo courtesy Laura Book.