Moral Warriors, Moral Wounds by Jim Childs

The experience of Wollom Jensen’s distinguished career in military service and Jim Childs’s long and productive career in the fields of theology and ethics combine to bring Christian ethics into dialogue with the harsh realities of military service in today’s world of war. The authors seek to correlate the ethics of neighbor love with the vocation of the chaplaincy, the framework of just war theory, the published values of the military services, and sample issues such as the challenge of pluralism for the chaplaincy, drone warfare, interrogation practices, and truthtelling. Special emphasis is placed on the reality of moral injury and the moral obligation of society and the churches to respond to the needs of wounded warriors. The book espouses the view that the Christian ethic, more than a set of principles, is a true ministry to those who struggle to be faithful and fear that they have not been. Moral Warroiors, Moral Wounds is published by Wipf & Stock Publishers.

Moral Warriors Cover