Research Fee Policy

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Region 6 Archives strives to serve researchers and their various needs and requests. A key aspect of the Archives’ mission is to preserve and make available the official and permanently valuable records created by Region 6 synods and institutions. Requests for information are from researchers, genealogists, synods, and congregations. To better serve the entire research community, the ELCA Region 6 Archives has implemented the following Research Fee Schedule:
  • Each hour of research will be charged in half-hour increments at $30.00 per hour. The first half-hour will be free.
  • Photocopies are $0.30/page.
  • A $5.00 fee will be charged to patrons seeking verification of their baptisms and/or confirmations.
  • All researchers will be sent an invoice (either by postal mail or electronic mail) before the research results are sent. Upon payment, research results will be provided.
  • Invoices include information on research time and photocopy charges.
  • ELCA synods and congregations will not be charged for the time; however, an invoice statement will be provided showing the amount of time for research and the number of photocopies made. No fees will be listed on the invoice.
  • Researchers who do on-site research will be charged only for photocopies, in accordance with the Photocopy Policy of the archives. They will be provided an invoice for their records.